Performing technical supervision during the construction stage

  • Submitting information about assigned technical supervision engineers to formalize notification to the appropriate organ of the State construction supervision body about commencement of construction.
  • Control over the performance of construction and other works on site in accordance with the requirements of city planning legislation, technical regulations and the design documentation.
  • Quality control and participation in the certification of the structures, materials and equipment used in construction.
  • General control over contractors in accordance with the agreed project execution plan and ensuring that safety regulations are observed while performing works on site.
  • Filling in construction logs and logs for special works.
  • Ensuring that contractors comply fully with the instructions of the State construction supervisory body and other relevant authorities.
  • Participation in commissioning the completed works including certification of hidden works and major structures, carrying out start-up tests of the engineering equipment and systems and signing the relevant acts of acceptance and handover.
  • Participation in the commissioning of the building and formalization of the appropriate documentation.